Healthy Spicy Puffed Rice Snack

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A savory better yet spicy snack is what we love with our Indian Tea in the evening.

Its true, most of the Indians have the tea religiously between 4-6 pm every single day. Its kind of no-exception tradition for most of us. I personally look forward to my tea time in the evening and the savory snack that goes with it.

Savory snacks like Egg puffs, chivda, quinoa or sweet potato chips, banana chips and this puffed rice snacks accompany most of our teas. While sometimes I like to go for pick me ups like healthy chips, I love to make a snack that hardly takes 10 mins to make and absolutely yummy to go with hot tea.

This snack is made on stove top with simple ingredients. You can get puffed rice at any Indian store or even online at very reasonable price.

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