Across The Valley Through The Air

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Taibok hung dangerously from the edge of the forest a thousand feet above the raging mountain river that flowed at the bottom of the cliff, on whose edge stood his small and obscure village. The hamlet lay in India’s northeastern state of Meghalaya, in the interiors of the dense East Khasi Hills near the modern-day Cherrapunji town, the world’s wettest place.

He did not mind the continuously pouring rain, which lashed wildly on the steep slope of the forest. He was a Khasi, a strong and robust tribal people indigenous to the region, who were, used to the wet and wild, merciless terrain. For thousands of years, the Khasi tribe had lived in this mountainous jungle domain.

He secured his weight with his arms and legs wrapped around the hanging roots of the Ficus elastica or the rubber tree. With his machete, he relentlessly worked on releasing the long areal…

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