A Voice from Iran

179th story

Adam’s father retired after 30 years of hard work. He kept saying the hard-working years had passed, and it is time to relax and enjoy every moment of his golden times.

Nowadays, he gets up early in the morning and walks to the bakery to get fresh bread. Adam’s mother set breakfast, and they both enjoy eating it.

Then, Adam’s father sits in his armchair and reads magazines and his favorite books while his mother is cleaning up the breakfast table and preparing for lunch because Adam’s father likes to eat his lunch early. Adam’s mother should clean the house, do the laundry, cook the dinner, wash the dishes and prepare the groceries.

Adam’s father loves his retirement times, and relaxing in his armchair is his favorite part. He also enjoys his daily, peaceful walk in the neighborhood.

Adam was thinking;

“My father worked eight hours a day…

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