Murder of the King – English History

Edmund’s reign was prematurely cut short. He was at Puckle church in Gloucestershire, celebrating the feast of St. Augustine, when a man named Leof entered the hall and seated himself among the guests. This man had been banished the country for pillage, and on seeing him Edmund ordered him to withdraw. This he refused to do, and resisted all attempts to remove him, on which the king, who was naturally choleric, rose from his seat and seized the man by his long hair to drag him out. In the struggle, Leof stabbed Edmund with a dagger, inflicting a mortal blow, and he himself was instantly attacked and cut in pieces by the infuriated attendants. The body of the king was removed to Glastonbury Abbey for interment, of which place the head at that time was Dunstan, afterwards so celebrated in English annals. Thus terminated his brief reign of five years. Source: Murder of the King – English History