Further adventures of surprising winter weather in Southeast Texas… well, mine anyway…

The Chatty Introvert

Image from abc13.com. I was definitely NOT gonna drive out on icy roads in the dark, thank you.

I woke up to absolute quiet this morning, and that’s after I’d gone to bed before midnight and kinda expected to get up really early. But my alarm never went off, and I heard the dog moving around. That was the only sound. I should’ve heard my fish tank water at least, but when I finally opened my eyes, my clock was dead.

Oh joy. The weather was clearing up, but apparently today was the day for our power outage.

It was 7:30 and from the look of things, the power had been out an hour at least (well, that’s when the Entergy text came through to give me an update). It wasn’t the best morning for it. Because of the pipe mess, I didn’t make enough clean water to store (I…

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