Flip your ideas: savoury pancakes for dinner | Kitchen aide


Turn your pancakes into dinner, rather than just a sweet treat

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I want pancakes for dinner rather than for dessert on Shrove Tuesday this year. What should I make?
Rosie, Peterborough

The thing about pancakes, Rosie, is that they’re wonderfully versatile, from Indian dosas and Japanese okonomiyaki to German flädlesuppe (a clear broth with strips of crepes). Which way you choose to go depends on what you fancy, of course, but experimenting with different flours is as good a place to start as any. For Ed Smith, whose latest cookbook Crave is out in May, that means looking to France and crepes or galettes made with buckwheat flour (“or wholemeal or an ancient grain flours”), which he fills with grated cheese, egg and spinach or ham. “You don’t need to go beyond the classic callings.”

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