A Valentine’s Day Plea for Nature and a message from a Yanomami shaman

Barbara Crane Navarro

Yanomami at the edge of the river, Amazonas, Venezuela

«I thought that if the white people could hear me, they would convince the government to not let the forest be destroyed… Now the gold miners stink up the forest with the fumes from their motors and the vapors from the gold and mercury that they burn together. Now we fear the gold miners’ malaria, which is also very fierce… The people of the forest’s breath of life are fragile in the face of these xawara epidemic fumes. If we all die, no one will be able to compensate for the value of our dead. The white people’s money and merchandise will not bring them back down among us! And the devastated forest will never be able to be restored either, it will be lost for all time.» – Yanomami spokesman and shaman Davi Kopenawa, The Falling Sky

A forest destroyed…

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