Will the trend change ever in India!!!

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Before broaching my points, i would like to know your notion towards the topic #when girls will be able to live their life with no fear in india???# This is forever longing issue in our country India only…

I might sound little dour, but its the brutal truth of our country towards girls/ladies/women/etc…

Yes many more or can say countless discussions, debates, news, facts have been raised since ages on this topic, but till date there is no single solution to it…

Even today my points also would seem boring to most of the people but still i would bring them out…after all they say Independent india, independent views right??

*Why all rules on girls/women onlyyyy???
•You are a girl, you should not roam outside till late night!!! (just for a fact that no matter of time, no matter of age, girls get harassed/molested/raped and laws cannot diminish that…

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    1. It’s mainly in parts of UP, Bihar and Haryana states. In Most of the states , specially in Gujarat, Rajasthan,Himachal and in South India it’s a female dominant family culture.

  1. Beyond the remnants of the caste system, Indian society is divided on several dimensions — wealth and adherence to tradition being two of them. Some are fully modern and reject stereotypical roles, and some adhere strongly to tradition. That division is true even among those who have migrated to the US, and I’ve witnessed conflict between children raised in the American educational system and culture and their traditional parents. I suspect when religious leaders sanctify change, then change will happen even among some of the more traditional. However, some will go to the grave believing in the old ways.

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