15 thoughts on “Japan may toss 12M Pfizer vaccine doses due to shortage of special syringes”

    1. It was written about a month or so ago that it might be a problem – I’d hoped someone would have ramped up production – hopefully the problem can be solved with some trading between countries.

    2. Update: “Yes, but the real story is likely different from what you are imagining from the above headlines. After all, they aren’t throwing out vials of COVID-19 vaccines! Instead, they aren’t able to take advantage of the fact that those vials contain an extra dose of vaccine if you use specialized, low-dead space syringes.” That specialized needle is what is in short supply but with cooperation, they still might be able to get the extra doses..

    3. Oh!! Thank you!
      But that’s still alot of med. to waste. I really hope that they can get it.
      What a needlessly difficult design, it seems?

    4. It was the drug makers error – they found after they started distributing the drug, they could get an extra dose out with a special needle – so instead of squirting out a bit to be sure no air in the shot, with new needle that get 100% of what is in vile.

    5. Oh!
      What a misleading headline. Too bad those new syringes can’t be subsidized, or something: you’d think that production would have been prioritized for all health and PPE things.

    6. I believe that they only got permission to go for the 6th shot from a vile in the last two weeks. Problem is that once the vile is opened, it has to all be used within two hours, I think. So, I am sure that production will be ramped up but getting enough for the shots that Japan has in stock is going to be tough.

    7. Ah, especially with the super-cold refrig. requirements for those two vaccines. I thought I read somewhere that someone was developing a no-fridge vaccine, did you see anything like that, or was I just thinking wishfully?

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