Isn’t it a part of our lifestyle: A Plastic Polythene Bag? “Then Make It The Biggest Part of Our Life to SAVE ENVIRONMENT”

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-Kamal Shrestha (WPSUN: 20200701C)

Making a Rope by twisting a plastic shopping poly bag. Image source:

When we enter into kitchen, we find full of plastic polybags in dustbin, inside drawers, and in some other places outside. We bring it inside in the name of buying vegetables, fruits and food items from a grocery shop or supermarket . And, when we have a great shopping, we do have lots of plastic poly bags usually! Then why not can it be a great misery that will happen in near future in our beautiful surroundings?

Why do you see most of the outside places full of plastic poly bags? In our day to day life, a plastic polythene bag is our friendly and helpful bag to pack things and carry things easily. It is widely used from small scale business- grocery store to large scale business- Supermarket. Due to its flexibility…

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