[Editorial] Worries of a writer

You are already a writer, perhaps not yet published but you are a writer. You can select your genre, construct a list of potential publishers and begin submitting to them one at a time – give them two weeks to respond and then move to the next. Your work may not be accepted the first time around because it is not what the editor needs at that moment. So when his/her time comes up again resubmit and the timing might be right. You write because you have to; so don’t stop – just get organized in submitting your work.

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As a soon to be nineteen-year-old writer (7th of March for those who are interested), right now my future terrifies me. I am a university student studying English and Creative writing, and to be honest I hate my course. Who would have thought a writer would hate an English course!! “It’s perfectly suited for you”. Hmm.. Yes, although that is true, but something in my gut is telling me not to continue the course and be a further £20,000 in debt after. Its inexplainable….

Perhaps one of the reasons may be the ongoing pandemic. Yes, it’s not ideal in the slightest. The Open University in the U.K charges around £6,000 per year for online learning, which is what everyone is currently doing for £9,000. But having a degree is what everyone should do right? It’s what everyone needs to succeed in life and become successful.

To an extent, yes that…

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  1. A “real” commitment to writing, as to any profession, is a commitment to life-long learning, discovery and self-discovery. When you go from being the amateur, doing something just for fun, to realizing the depth of commitment involved to achieving excellence, that is stunning, literally. If you’re not somewhat taken aback by the vastness of the enterprise, you don’t understand enough to do it well.

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