Olympic committee condemns president’s remarks about women as volunteers quit


Yoshiro Mori of Tokyo organising committee under growing pressure to step down as anger grows

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has condemned derogatory remarks about women by the head of the Tokyo 2020 Games organising committee, Yoshiro Mori, as “absolutely inappropriate”.

The unusually strong intervention came after Mori complained last week that meetings tended to drag on because “competitive” women in attendance “talked too much”.

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2 thoughts on “Olympic committee condemns president’s remarks about women as volunteers quit”

  1. I read about this when it first came out. I suspect there are several issues going on, including cultural change in Japan and the age of the person in question. In a former era, Mori would have received extreme deference from the younger people working for him, most of whom would have kept silent in his presence. That’s not how things work anymore. Whether he has the skills to manage meetings now may be a question.

    1. Seems he was ready to resign but others who support him convinced him to stay. His time is up and it’s time for them to find a replacement – if the games even take place.

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