Nature is the True Jewel !

Barbara Crane Navarro

Rainforest reflection, Rio Orinoco, Amazonas, Venezuela

« CANNIBAL GOLD … Our elders did not know of money … Money does not protect us … it does not create our joy. For white people, it is different. These white people are earth eaters covered with epidemic fumes. They think they are all-powerful, but their thought is full of darkness. » – from Yanomami spokesman and shaman Davi Kopenawa, The Falling Sky

«That one special Cartier ring» – photo montage: series “Pas deCartier” – Barbara Crane Navarro – with Cartier «LOVE» ring dripping symbolic blood, ad forCartier, gold mining destruction photo: João Laet

«We have harmed, corrupted, and ruined…We are guilty, we have betrayed…We have robbed, we have slandered…We have perverted and led astray…We have been false…We cut ourselves off from truth, and reality exists to entertain us. We hide behind distractions & toys.» – from John Le Carré,

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