Hundreds dead in India.

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Image Credit: Reuters

Hundreds feared dead in India after a Himalayan glacier burst early Sunday, flooding villages downstream. The glacier broke and crashed into a hydroelectric dam near the Raini village, resulting in the deaths of between 100-150 people, some of them were working at the hydroelectric dam. During the flooding, people were forcefully evacuated from some villages while the waters were rising, but unfortunately some people did not manage to escape the flooding. The accident happened in the region of Uttarakhand state in Northern India.

Witnesses reported hearing a roaring sound of an avalanche, as a wall of rock, water and dust headed to the village. The upper parts of Raini village located near the hydroelectric power is believed to have the most casualties, as they had little time to escape the incoming avalanche.

It came very fast, there was no time to alert anyone. I felt that even…

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