Louisiana AG sues reporter over FOIA request | TheHill – WTF!?!

“In my 40 years as an editor, I’ve never seen a journalist get sued for requesting a public record,” Peter Kovacs, the newspaper’s editor said of the suit, adding “we’re not intimidated. In fact, we’re more determined.”

After Gallo made the request, Landry’s office said the records couldn’t be disclosed because they were part of an ongoing investigation, but said they would be available for review once the investigation was over.

On Jan. 22, days after the investigation into Magee was completed, Landry’s office told The Advocate that it would receive the records within the next week. However, his office later reversed its stance, saying they would not release the complaint due to a constitutional right to privacy and policies that call for certain investigations to be private.

Source: Louisiana AG sues reporter over FOIA request | TheHill