Is this what she wants?

Soni's thoughts

I Tried this art with Reference from Google

They say “listen to your elders as they are always right!!” She thought “so are they always right?? Does they always show us right path to follow? If so, then why today i am not happy? Why i feel like chained? i did listen to them but i dont get the peace ever!! If they are always correct then why today i do not feel like being here and wanna go very very far?
The ‘free spirited’, ‘do whatever you feel like’, ‘live your life in your way which makes you happy’ girl is lost somewhere today in parents, societies so called rules, traditions!!
This is not the life i wanted ever!
I did not want to be tied, i wanted to fly… i wanted to dance, to sing, to travel, to see the world…. but why this!! Elders are correct so…

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