In confined spaces, air purifiers may actually aid the spread of COVID-19

In-confined-spaces-air-purifiers-may-act In especially confined spaces, like an elevator, air purifiers may actually do more harm than good in the fight against airborne viral transmission.

7 thoughts on “In confined spaces, air purifiers may actually aid the spread of COVID-19”

    1. Ok, so ” researchers only looked at the air intake and exhaust associated with the purifier. They did not evaluate the mechanism inside the purifier that can trap and kill virus particles.”
      That makes sense, as placing a small filter between you and the source of contamination (as recommended by some filters, though others recommend different placement) filter and trap particles, if the filter is on the other side of the elevator, and you are between Sneezy and the filter, Sneezy’s dropplets get to you before they get to the filter. Unless filters and a/c are positioned to suck all of the air upward, which they are not, generally.

    2. But the headline makes it look like air purifiers do harm, when it really depends on the details, which you have to read the entire article to find out.
      This is something I’ve seen with other articles in other media: headlines are often misleading, although I understand that it is not easy to sum up a complex idea on 5 words…

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