4 Fun Foods People Don’t Always Know About Before They Go Plant-Based


“Kale Yeah I’m Vegan.” So says a T-shirt you’ll find on Cafepress.

Another reads, “I want tofu.” (Don’t think about that one too hard.)

It’s true, certain foods get associated with vegans — quinoa and nutritional yeast too — although they are enjoyed by people of all dietary affiliations.

When people do go plant-based, they may fear giving up their favorite flavors and textures. Cheese is said to be the hardest (if you’re not a quesophobe like me). But the flip side is you often discover countless new delicacies.

Here are 7 foods I never ate growing up until I discovered them on my meatless path.

1. Nice cream (made with frozen bananas)

I now have the perfect excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast! I find that fruit digests best for me on an empty stomach, and it always puts me in such a great mood.

Most recently, I…

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