Is Remote Work Here to Stay?


With COVID-19 sweeping nonstop across the world, companies have shifted their employees to a more remote work set-up to keep the economy afloat and their businesses going. A huge investment in automation has been placed by every company, both large and small businesses, to help workers keep up with their tasks.

For workers, remote work is ideal because they can earn at home, and spend more time with their loved ones. Others may take time to get used to it, but mostly everyone welcomes its availability. For companies, having this option reassures them that they can continue their businesses without problems. However, this also means investing heavily on technology to keep everyone connected and automating the tasks that cannot be done remotely.

Once the pandemic is over, there are thoughts on whether remote work set-up will stay or not. According to experts, it will certainly stay, but the standard office…

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Rep. Andrew Koenig, Critic of Pandemic Restrictions, Has COVID-19 | News Blog (wants to be “free” to infect and kill others)

Missouri Sen. Andrew Koenig has tested positive for COVID-19, just days after sponsoring legislation that aims to strip local health authorities of the power to impose rules designed to slow the spread of the virus.

The Republican lawmaker confirmed in a text message to Riverfront Times columnist Ray Hartmann that he has tested positive but said he is doing OK.

Koenig, who represents a swath of southwest St. Louis County, is among a group of Republicans who have been outspoken critics of restrictions imposed by county health officials on businesses and individuals.

“Shutting down our economy won’t eradicate the virus,” Koenig was quoted as saying in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story about a package of bills designed to loosen pandemic restrictions. “It’s my choice if I want to risk getting COVID. No one is forcing anybody to stay home.” Source: Rep. Andrew Koenig, Critic of Pandemic Restrictions, Has COVID-19 | News Blog

Biden to Finally Stop Support for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

Beyond revisiting the terrorist label for the Houthis, the Biden administration intends to cease helping Saudi Arabia prosecute the Yemen war with logistical support and arms sales. Weapons sales to the Saudis and other countries were among the actions former president Donald Trump considered to be foreign-policy achievements. In late December, the Trump administration notified Congress that it was pushing ahead with another sale of $500 million worth of precision-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia. Lawmakers had until Thursday to pass a resolution of disapproval. Source: Biden to Finally Stop Support for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

Indian comedian held over ‘indecent’ jokes at show where he did not perform

Foolish Fascists in India do harm and are foolish at same time.


Police admit they have no evidence against Manuwar Faruqui, who has been held for three weeks

A Muslim comedian in India has been detained for more than three weeks for allegedly insulting Hindu gods during a standup routine that he did not perform.

Fellow comedians, lawyers and opposition politicians have spoken out against the detention of Manawar Faruqui, 29, who was accused of making “indecent” and “vulgar” remarks about Hinduism and government figures during a comedy show on 1 January in the city of Indore, in Madhya Pradesh.

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Steps to awakening series, step 11 of 12

Words from Walden

Step 11- You consciously surrender to the present moment

 This is what we should be doing anytime we are frustrated or find ourselves getting mad, upset, angry or even depressed at our current situation. When any of these uncomfortable negative feelings happen, we must stop as soon as we become aware and ask the simple question. “Am I surrendering to the present moment?”. We will find that the answer is always a very loud no.  Often, we try and control situations that are out of our control and that is when we see these feelings arise.

If instead, we surrender to the present, we realize that in that exact precise moment there is nothing wrong and that everything is perfect. This idea was best described by a British playwright when he said. “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”. That is a quote from Hamlet…

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Costa Rican Plan Seeks to Train Rural Students in Sustainable Agriculture.

A novel plan by the Inter-American Institute of Cooperation for Agriculture (IICA) seeks that students from rural areas of Costa Rica get closer to agriculturebiological, and environmental sciences, which aims to contribute to the improvement of skills and the quality of life of rural populations. Source: Costa Rican Plan Seeks to Train Rural Students in Sustainable Agriculture.