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Hello pals, today i am back with a most common topic ‘Complexity’ (its not simple/compound/complex logic though 😉)Guys i boggle sometimes, why we need a complex feeling inside us? Why everything and everyone has to be complex but not simple, straight and clear? Is it required?? No right?? Still it develops inside maximum persons…not sure why it does😐 including me (yes many times i have gone through inferiority complex, slowly improving myself)

Sad feeling, happy feeling, angry feeling are totally ok, as they are natural…but developing a complexity inside us is quite dangerous sometimes for us only…Be it because of some peoples behavior, or activities or anything, still we really must not let it faze us at any cost.Complexity always grows because of insecurity on something… unsurity on something…Its nothing but stacked of dissapointment on our ownself on some matter, which keeps revolving inside us for…

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