Job VS Passion, what to do!!

Soni's thoughts

Hey friends… Today i am back with an interesting topic, header says it all anyhow!

So guys if i say, if you will be given an option to choose between your job and your passion, so what will be your reply?? (90% >>Job, i assume!) patently all would go for job instead of following passions right, because we need financial stability the most in our life in this era and always…
If we just leave our ongoing job just like that, take risk and follow our passions, then there is no guarentee that our passion would fill up our stomach right?

It would be wiser that we stick to our independent jobs but along with that also we can go on with our passions…(mmm can say kinda part time…whats say?? )

There are various apps, sites, groups available to accomplish our passions, i am sure many of you are well…

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