Britain’s refusal to give the EU’s ambassador full diplomatic status is a childish insult | Denis MacShane

Boorish Boris is a good boor and terrible bully…


This petulant slight echoes a move by the Trump administration – one that it quickly saw fit to reverse

Of all people in government Boris Johnson should be first to recognise the status of European Union representatives. His father, Stanley, was a European commission official for many years and the European taxpayer paid the prime minister’s school fees at the expensive Brussels International School and then Eton.

However, in a row that has been rumbling for a year alongside Brexit trade talks, the government is refusing to give full diplomatic status to the EU’s ambassador to the UK, João Vale de Almeida and his 25-strong mission. The Foreign Office claims it does not want to set a precedent by treating an international body in the same way it treats a nation state, with diplomats afforded the privileges and immunities under the Vienna Convention.

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