When I Am Gone

Unlocking The Hidden Me


….. And the wind will blow

Sky shall bear iridescent glow

The birds will croon

The trees will sway

But I would drift away

Not sustaining the brunt of fate

Like a candle in the wind

Like a tender plant in heavy rains

I would embrace the darkness and detach from the soil

Blinded, blended and to be earthed leaving this turmoil

Sympathies, agonies, sorrow will pour in

Eyes would bear tears of farewell

Words will flow like melodies exalting me

Will I be there to hear your notions

I would be sleeping unaware of your emotions

Remember me with every breeze that will touch your face

Forgive me for every ruffle I may have caused

Pardon me for every little scribbles I may have on your wall

Never let me go lost in your archives

For may be there, I can eternally survive

© Samreen Asad 2021

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