Simple Chocolate pastry😃🥧🍰🍫 at home!

Soni's thoughts

Heya peeps, my lovely friends, how are you all… how was your first day in 2021… sweet? ok ok ? fantastic??
Well my day was normal, with eating cake and chocolate pastry to eating food cooked by my mom and sister!! So mine was foodie day, hehe…
Ok so from food, i remembered of a super tasty simple reciepe of chocolate pastry at home…


*Oreo biscuits (any flavor is fine, i used strawberry flavor)
*Eno 1 pouch


1) Take out the cream from biscuits and keep in different bowl.
2)Break the biscuits and grind them in grinder by mixing milk and make a semi thick paste.
3)Add sugar as per your taste.
4)Add eno powder and mix it very well and then keep the batter aside for 15mins.
5)Mix a cup of milk to the cream which we kept in a different bowl…

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