Unlocking The Hidden Me


Sea of memories conjures up my mind

a little stimulus creates a ripple

And a wave of emotions drench my soul

While I sit here rocking my chair and rewind the life’s stroll

How vibrant were my salad days

What a sunshine smile my face wore

To live in cloud cuckoo land was just so fun

How one by one things fades in the long run

Springtime of life with little flowers in my garden

How beautifully they turned into big trees

Where to look for umbrage I wonder

The sun shines brighter each day and I find the shade just always yonder

Loneliness is always so unforeknown

My garden awaits those tiny parakeets

Oh how they fluttered around all over

Oh how I kept them safe and maneuver

They laugh and become angry at me like I used to, at them

Oh how well have I trained…

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