Unforgettable experience in Nairobi : Visiting the elephant orphanage

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The elephant orphanage is one of most interesting wildlife attraction in Nairobi, Kenya. Best known for their work to conserve and to protect the endangered species , the Centre Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ( SWT) opens daily to visitors from 11am to noon during milk feeding time.

There, you can see baby elephants being fed with bottles of milk and eventually touch them. At the same time, the rangers explain the orphaned baby elephants story from their rescue to the centre.

As many elephants die due to poaching for ivory, the association rescue the baby orphans and provides all measures with their rehabilitation program. These rangers along with veterinary give all the necessary assistance to the baby elephants and above all, a lot of love.

If you’re tempted to adopt one of them, financially speaking, you will be helping to conserve the species, to protect elephants from poaching. For further information…

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