Sleepless Nights…

Soni's thoughts

Nights after nights pass by…🌚
There is No sleep in her eyes!😣

She opens the door and looks at sky…🌌
She watches moon and cloud hide and seek play!🌫️

She quivers with cold gush of wind…
With the chill feeling her eyes blink!👀

She glares at twinkling stars…💫
She feels like touching them but yet so far!

She opens her arms to cuddle the silence…🤗
She talks to the darkness with no sense!😶

She enjoys the dim dim lights picturesque view…🌌
She starts to count the stars one and two!🌠🌠

She thinks to sit and feel…
Why inside her no left zeal!😟

She rubs her eyes, multiple times…
wonders to get some sleep by chance!💤

She gets thinking why life seems weird…😦
Then she runs all shorts of words!

she keeps gazing at the sky…
with a tangled mind, and teary eye!🥺

Finally no answer to her words…🤐
Sun rises…

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