Unlocking The Hidden Me

# poetry

Even in the darkest hour

With no light, strength and power

I do hope for the best

For life is nothing but a test

I just sit and wait down

For the brightest light in the town

To make its way through the dark

To enlighten me with a spark

When people drifts away

Leaving me marooned to find my own way

I take a deep breath

Fanning away my wrath

And walk miles alone

Though not becoming a rolling stone

I take a leap of faith

To open every closed gate

When life becomes shrewd and shatter me into pieces

Contravening my expectations yet it also teaches

How to mend and glue my fragments

How to re-color each and every segment

And augment myself to never break again

No matter how much I have to endure pain

I search for possibilities infinite

To brush me up and…

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