We Are All Dying for Luxury (Literally) ! ? Part 1 – the origins of Covid-19 in Europe

Scientific evidence, still patchy, is accumulating and confirms that, in the tragedy of the current Covid epidemic, mink is an important, even decisive, issue. Two things are already certain: first, mink farms, and particularly the largest of them, are microbiological cauldrons of extreme danger to health. Second, across all of Europe, with the exception of the Netherlands and to some extent Denmark, veterinary and health authorities have been in denial about this peril, stubbornly downplaying the risks, either out of blindness or to save the fur industry. An industry in decline which represents few jobs and no real social utility … but whose exports represent several hundred million euros per year.

But there may be more. A series of observations point to two mink farms, one located in Italy, in the town of Capralba, and the other in Spain, near Teruel, as possibly being at the origin of viral lines that played a key role in the two waves of Covid which ravaged Europe. If what is still only a suspicion at this point were to be confirmed, it would be a scientific earthquake that would force a complete rewrite of the history of the epidemic. Finally, more and more scientists, like Marion Koopmans, one of the most experienced virologists on the planet, consider it likely that mink is simply ‘the missing link in the Covid-19 pandemic’ and the animal through which the virus is passed to humans.

Barbara Crane Navarro

After decades of denouncing the frivolous gold “watch, jewelry and accessories” industry that’s responsible for the destruction of forests and the degradation of the lives of indigenous peoples, now aggravated by the propagation of Covid-19 by gold miners, I was stunned on December 21st, 2020 to read “Are mink farms the source of Covid in Europe ?” in an article by Yves Sciama and Yann Faure for the French online ecology review Reporterre. Clearly, the luxury industry isn’t only destroying people and nature «somewhere else» any longer; it is apparently now destroying people and nature everywhere!?

“EXCLUSIVE – Are mink farms the source of Covid in Europe?

Genetic analyses reveal that the two lines of Sars-CoV-2 that caused the two waves of epidemics that ravaged Europe were born near, if not in the heart of, intensive mink farms. They raise dizzying questions about the history of the pandemic and…

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