Elvis death myth debunked: The King did not will himself to die wanting to be with Gladys


Elvis Presleydied on August 16, 1977 at the age of just 42-years-old. It’s commonly believed The King’s death was brought on by his prescription drug addiction, but new research finds that it was actually his health issues from birth that caused his demise. Express.co.uk spoke with Elvis: Destined To Die Young author Sally A Hoedel, who has extensively looked into The King’s genetic and congenital problems in her new book.

Sally argues that from her non-sensationalised and carefully researched data and brand new interviews with those who knew Elvis personally that the star was always going to die young regardless of being a rock star.

The author discovered that it is no coincidence that The King and his mother Gladys died in such a similar way and at a similar age.

However, she went out of her way to…

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