Oh woman!

Soni's thoughts

Oh woman, just listen to your inner consent!

Oh woman, never let your dreams go in vain!

Oh woman, dont get depressed with society’s complaints!

Oh woman, let your inner lost peace rise again!

Oh woman, choose your own path till the end!

Oh woman, dont forget you all have hidden wonder woman!

Oh woman, remember in each path you will be judged again and again!

Oh woman, if you choose to pursue your dream, you will be referred selfish woman!

Oh woman, if you choose to get into marital life and sit at home, you will be referred lazy woman!

Oh woman, do not let others opinion get you down!

Oh woman, always keep your spirit high and never bow down!

Oh woman, society and its restriction will never change!

Oh woman, just learn to ignore and choose your happiness which makes you stay determined!

Oh woman, learn to…

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