Arthritis drug reduces risk of COVID-19 death: UK study


An arthritis drug has been found to reduce the risk of death for people with the most severe cases of COVID-19 by a quarter, if they are given the treatment within 24 hours of entering intensive care, a British study of treatments for the disease has found.

The REMAP-CAP clinical trial, led by Imperial College and funded by the UK government, found tocilizumab, which suppresses the immune system and has long been used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, could reduce the relative risk of death by 24 percent when given soon after admission to the ICU.

It also reduced the length of time patients spent in intensive care by between seven and 10 days the health ministry said in a statement.

Most of the data came from when the drug was administered in addition to a corticosteroid, such as dexamethasone, which has already been shown to improve patients’ chances…

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