The Resolute You

Unlocking The Hidden Me

#poetry #tanka

Dark forces lurking

Zillions of dreams buried deep

Warblers dwelled and flew

Heyday, fall fell, leaves fluttered

Yet I stand tall, resolute

Life is all about ebb and flow. Some days are good, some even better but again many a times worst days happen to cross you by.

Neither happiness is forever nor are sorrows. Neither is life a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns. It is somewhere in between and that “somewhere” is hidden. It’s up to us how and where to explore that treasure which is the secret of a happy and contended life and the one who owns this emerge victorious.

So, be the “Indiana Jones” of your own life and unearth your treasure chest.

Thank you so very much for your time for reading and going through my posts 😊.

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