« They were standing in our way. If we had not taken over their forest, we would have no gold. » 

Barbara Crane Navarro

Photo: Yanomami woman with Genipa body paint and a tobacco wad in her lower lip – Barbara Crane Navarro

As the Yanomami spokesman Davi Kopenawa says in his book The Falling Sky:

« The entire land of Brazil used to be occupied by people like us. Today it is nearly empty, and it is the same thing everywhere. The first people of the forest have nearly all disappeared. Those who still exist here and there are only the remainder of the great number that the white people killed long ago to seize their land. Then … these same white people didn’t feel afraid to become enamored with the objects whose owners they devoured as enemies.

Since then, they have kept these goods locked up in the glass of their museums to show their children what is left of those whom their elders killed. But when they grow up, won’t these…

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