Found my lost self back😊😃

Soni's thoughts

“Corona, lockdown, sorrow, fear, frustration, depression”, among all these issues, few positive things came out too…have you guys thought about it??? Well…main hoon na… Will explain, gaur farmana doston… 😀😉++AMPLE TIME WITH FAMILY++🏡

yes guys, day by day we are getting too much busy in our work schedule that we are not atall getting adequate time to spend with our people, family…Running behind money, prosperity,position has become everyones only life goal…leaving family, own people behind!! This corona has taught us one good thing which is ‘FAMILY IS ALSO INDISPENSABLE’Not only money but also family is cardinal.So friends this is the high time… Spend your quality time at home to d core…seeing own people happy is d biggest gaiety😀😀++**REBIRTH OF LONG LOST INTERESTS**++This is d most most blissed out thing which happened to not only me but also many of us right??😃😃So this…

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