What Kind of Feminist?

Silvia Writes

Machine, Mechanical, Eye, Blue, Look

For a million dollars today, I couldn’t tell you what day it was. At least for the first hour or so.

I woke up thinking it’s Sunday. I should spend time in bed, reading. Slowly, tracing the happenings of the world, I realized it’s Monday. I should get up and check my work email. Get coffee ASAP.

I would’ve preferred reading. I love work, it keeps me centered, but there is this book I’ve started on. A far cry from my usual (mysteries and thrillers). This is a collection of essays by Roxane Gay titled, Bad Feminist.

Before I say more, I need to mention Roxane Gay’s biography, Huger, where she details some deep ways one can hunger – be it for food, love, acceptance, more love. How hungering is so dangerous, so painful – literally. How hungering, in all its forms, destroys, rebuilds, and destroys some…

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