Why Covid Is Dangerous for People Who Don’t Require Hospitalization


As stated numerous times, this is a new illness, and we are learning almost daily about how it works.

The latest findings are disturbing, but we don’t yet fully know what they mean.

The virus generates a somewhat accelerated and uncontrolled response from the body’s immune system. We know this massive response can impair lung function beyond the damage that the virus does directly. We also know that the virus can shift in some people from the lungs to the blood stream and either create spontaneous clots or attack organ tissue.

The medical term for the over-the-top immune response is “dysregulated.” Meaning that the response is suboptimal for the health of the patient.

What we know now from a newly released University of Alabama study is that this dysregulated response and exhaustion of immune cells can be more pronounced among those who don’t require hospitalization, and the effects on…

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