Surgeon general defends official Covid-19 numbers – POLITICO

Adams said: “I don’t speak for the president. I speak for the office of the Surgeon General and the Public Health Service, and I’m focused on making sure people get the information they need and wash your hands and stay your distance and get the vaccine when it’s available.” He also said that the death toll is not the only indicator of how damaging the pandemic has been to the country.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” Dr. Anthony Fauci also said there was nothing fake about the death toll: “The deaths are real deaths. All you need to do is go out into the trenches. Go to the hospitals and see what the health care workers are dealing with.They are under very stressful situations in many areas of the country. The hospital beds are stretched, people are running out of beds, running out of trained personnel who are exhausted.”

Source: Surgeon general defends official Covid-19 numbers – POLITICO

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    1. I don’t know how they have been able to do what they have already done, especially those with their own underlying health issues. I can forgive myself, at 76, for not going back to work at a clinic in a homeless shelter. The year, I was there, I was sick more often than I had been in the previous ten years. I had a friend who worked 30 years as a nurse in a pediatric ICU and am in awe how she even did that in pre-pandemic times.

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