Banking On Cuba’s Coronavirus Vaccines

Jamaica Woman Tongue

The scramble for COVID-19 vaccines has exposed yet again the gross inequities across the globe. Rich countries have fast-forwarded to the head of the line. Poor countries like Jamaica will have to wait for a relatively long time to get vaccines. After all, pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of charity. What matters is profit. In these circumstances, the headline of a Gleaner report published on December 4 gave what appeared to be surprisingly good news: Jamaica Gets Big COVID-19 Vaccine Discount, One Million Vials Expected By March.

Negotiations were made through the COVAX facility for the procurement of vaccines, which was intended to level the playing field, ensuring access for poor countries. But the game is not being played fairly. A BBC news story published on December 19 reports the following: According to researchers at Duke University, which is keeping track of deals between governments…

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