The Secret of Plants in the Environment: Book Review

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Look deep into nature…and you will understand every thing better.

Albert Einstein

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year!

Today I am trying to post a little different this time than my usual post. I haven’t tried this before, so after reading the post let me know what it was like?

After reading the title, all of you must have already guessed how this post is going to be. But still, let me give you a brief about the book “The Secret of Plants in the Environment“. This book written by Dr. Rishikesh Upadhyay is a non-fictional book based entirely on nature, botany and life of plants in different environments. If you’re someone who is a nature lover & is always eager to know more about nature in depth, then this is the perfect read for you.

Cover of the book “The Secret Of The Plants In…

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