The death of democracy

Lignes invisibiles

This text is just the introduction of a topic, which really interests me and it’s a sociolinguistic topic. It refers on the relativity of words, because of their position inside the different cultures or social groups. Thus, it’s also taking a look at the definition of “interpretation”, which connects directly with the topic.

I love words. I love every single word. I even more fancy, trying to (re-) construct the central, real and essential meaning of every word (“[Haupt-] Kern” in German). Almost sterilize them, leaving them naked. My “word(s) reconstruction” causes an almost suspicious neutrality. Α color blindness. For others. Not for me.

However, there are words that are not simply words; these words encapsulate other words. Terms, ideas; they need a whole group of smaller words, in order to come to the fore and deliver their deepest meanings succesfully.

The constantly alternating idea of democracy portrays how people…

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