7 thoughts on “First reported US case of COVID-19 (UK) variant found in Colorado – Arrgh!”

  1. CO? I’d have expected someplace near LAX, NYC (JFK or La Guardia), or even BWI/Dulles or DCA (ok, maybe DC is not a hub), or Atlanta, but Colorado??

    1. bigger planes longer flights – “There are 6 airlines who fly direct from Denver International to London. How many flights are there a week from Denver International to London? As of December, there are 10 flights per week flying from Denver International to London.”

    2. Interesting. I only knew it as the closest place most Burqueños went to find civilization, back when I lived in ABQ. 🙂
      As a mid-western city, I always assumed it was fairly purple.

    3. used to be purple but university grads and immigrants from east and west made it bluer in last ten years. I like it but would prefer ABQ – grin.

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