1831 was a pivotal year in Jamaica’s history

“It was the year when Messrs Jordon and Osborne — after they had established the Watchman paper — were both imprisoned; the former twice, for five months each time. At the close of the second term of imprisonment, Mr Edward Jordon was tried for his life on the charge of having published seditious matter in the Watchman. The paragraph which was denominated ‘seditious’ matter was this: ‘Now that the member for Westmoreland (Mr Beaumont) has come over to our side, we will, by a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull altogether, bring down the system by the run, knock off the fetters, and let the oppressed go free.’ On the day of Mr Jordon’s trial the courtroom was thronged with… men, who had armed themselves, and were determined, if the sentence of death were pronounced upon Mr Jordon, to rescue him at whatever hazard. It is supposed that their purpose was conjectured by the judges — at any rate, they saw fit to acquit Mr J and give him his enlargement.”

Source: 1831 was a pivotal year in Jamaica’s history