Trump’s Tyranny Proved America isn’t Immune to Authoritarianism

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Soon-to-be ex-President Donald Trump has proven that even the United States, which has long touted its “city upon a hill” universal appeal, is not immune to authoritarianism. There have been other threats to U.S. democracy, yet none so dangerous as Trump’s Twitter tyranny.

For almost a century, the United States’ leadership in world affairs made it an indisputable “first,” a superpower opposing undemocratic forces elsewhere.

Trump pushed another “America First” to justify his self-serving nationalism — tearing up trade deals and stepping back from global institutions. This slogan, once associated with opponents of the U.S. entering World War II, now illustrates how even this nation can suffer from dictatorial urges.

The United States of America is a far cry from the traditional Hitler- or Stalin-type authoritarianism, characterized by complete state domination over people’s lives. But it is no longer the America of everyone’s dream that won the Cold War —…

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