Guy and Maude Wright – August 23,1907 in Saranac, New York. My mother’s parents and my grandparents. I met Grandfather Guy in 1959 – I grew up in California after we moved from Massachusetts. I never met my Grandmother Maude, as died from complications of tuberculosis during giving birth to her second child in 1913.

Last photo of Maude Wright – 1912-1913.

I just arrived – I was adopted – 1944 with my father, Edwin Hamson in Hatfield, Massachusetts. My father immigrated to the US from Oldham, England in 1912. He and his father had steerage tickets with the White Star Line and missed the Titanic because his father has left tickets at hotel and did not get back in time, so they took the next ship.

Me on left, my father and my brother Charles, not long after we moved to California.

Photos capture just a moment in time; memories paint many images that color and leave imprints on our lives.

I am glad that I have a few photos to add to the images in my memory.