Jose Garcia, New Mexico Farmworker, Dies at 68 – The New York Times – RIP – COVID-19

Jose Garcia, who died on Dec. 15 from complications of Covid-19, with his wife and children.

Mr. Garcia is survived by his wife, Genoveva; seven daughters, Corina, Consuelo, Carolina, Raquel, Erika, Sandra and Adriana; two sons, Jose and Andres; 28 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

After his funeral, his work truck bore his coffin to the cemetery, in a procession that included his grandchildren riding along in a trailer, on bales of hay. A tractor led the way. “That’s how people saw him,” Consuelo Garcia said — often driving his tractor in the neighborhood to clear debris after a storm or to carry out tasks to help neighbors.

“Now that we don’t have him,” she said, “we realize the great person he was to the community and how he touched so many people.”