10 thoughts on “Coronavirus state tracker: California reports 33,212 new cases and 296 new deaths – San Gabriel Valley Tribune”

  1. And my landlady still insists that the hospitals are inflating the numbers, claiming this morning that flu deaths, etc, are being reported as Covid, and that NYC’s hospitals never collapsed because 1100 beds were available on the Mercy…
    What do I do to convince this lady?

    1. Ask her why she believes the numbers are inflated – her hunch or something she read? Some just cannot be convinced… but getting her to talk about it might open some space – just way too many good people have died because of inaction and denial.

    2. She keeps going on about ‘them’ wanting to kill small businesses, and blames Gov. Gavin Newsom, whom she hates with a passion. Every time we talk for too long, she tries to get me to watch some videos on Youtube by Gulliani, whom she adores as a crime-fighter, and refuses to hear anything I say or ask. The few times I have been able to ask more than one or two questions (she regularly talks over me), she’s admitted that she didn’t know, and then walked off.

    3. She has drunk the Kool-aid so to speak – Gulliani and Trump give her simple explanations of what’s wrong with the world she now fears and does not understand. I know too many folks like this. They crave a stability that only existed in the 1950s and 1960s – US got out of WWII clean while Europe and Asia were destroyed. After the oil crises in the mid-70s and the rebirth of Europe and Asia that stability was gone. The civil rights movement and its changes along with American defeat in Vietnam destroyed 20 years of “certainty” for many. They did not understand the changes and looked for someone to give them ready-made answers. As you and I know the failure to get ahead of the pandemic has killed more small businesses in the past 10 months than anyone could have predicted. She and those like her want an enemy and Gulliani-Trump have given her people to fear and hate. Newsom has done a pretty good job. I am going on to long. I let people like this know where I stand, the facts I find to be true and don’t try to convince them to believe as I do

    4. Well, since she’s my landlady I can’t argue too much. She grew up in a Sundown Town and has no apology about it, seems to see only positives everywhere, and has even said that things should go back to the way they were, claiming that racism is gone now. Right. So I have to avoid almost any conversation with her, but I can’t risk pissing her off.

    5. Sad… I grew up in a sundown town in California – Black-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Japanese and Chinese Americans subject to getting stopped if in town after 5PM. No hope for her and uncomfortable for you, as long as you stay there. Did not change much until the 1970-80s.

    6. I was shocked when I found out that CA had had sundown towns (and has yahoos as bad as down south, out in East County of San Diego!). I came here to get away from all of that, but the hypocrisy here is actually worse.

    7. I had a Spanish teacher in high school (Mexican-American but not dark-skinned), He taught me about official segregation that existed before the case (Mendez v Westminster) that allowed him to be the first Mexican-American to go to his Anglo-only school. That case laid the groundwork for Brown v Board of Education. Thurgood Marshall wrote an amicus brief for the case and a year after the case was finished, Governor Earl Warren later Supreme Court Judge signed the law that ended all school segregation in California.

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