Hospitals and Covid Mortality Rates


Overall, 2020 is the deadliest year in US history according the the CDC. We’ve had 400,000 more deaths this year than in 2019, representing the largest year-to-year increase since the flu epidemic of 1918. More than 75% of this spike in death were due to Covid-19.

“[T]he characteristic that is most associated with poor or worsening hospital outcomes is high or increasing community case rates,” write David A. Asch, MD, MBA, executive director of the Center for Health Care Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues.”

This analysis is based on 38,517 adults who were admitted with COVID-19 to 955 US hospitals between January 1 and June 30 of this year. Anonymous data was provided by a national health insurer.

Overall, 9.1% of the patients either died in the hospital or were referred to hospice care for eventual death. However, that figure varies from 5.7% among…

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