20 Travelers from UK Test Positive for COVID-19

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Well, many Jamaicans at home are none too pleased with the flight from the UK on Monday, bringing 302 passengers to our shores. A video circulating on social media showed some of the passengers trying to stage some kind of protest on board, when they were told that they would have to go into 48 hours’ state quarantine while awaiting the results of the COVID-19 – in St. Ann, on their arrival.

One passenger, sans mask, stood up yelling, “No St. Ann!” A number of other passengers were seen not wearing masks. The passengers’ behavior was, frankly, quite selfish and rather insulting to Jamaicans, who are naturally very anxious about COVID-19. The passengers calmed down quite a bit when they realized they were to be housed in a nice hotel in St. Ann for a couple of days. However, I do hope those who have tested negative will stay…

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