What Is a Die-Elect?

Operation X

Written by Dyami Millarson

A dialect is, in a certain sense, a language that is elected to die. In other words, languages branded as dialects have been singled out for disappearance from the face of the earth. Many who call such languages dialects, which are often useless in their eyes anyway and merely outdated relics from the past, ascribe to the idea that the death of dialects is inevitable, and it is even a sign of progress.

People see dialects as obstacles that must either be eradicated actively or passively be allowed to die off. A negative connotation is inherently linked with the modern concept of dialect, and this cannot be removed from it. In fact, dialect is, I would argue, inherently linguicidal. People insisting that they use this term in a neutral sense are perpetuating this negative connotation.

A dialect is often defined within a geographic framework as a…

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